Schwarz - Paid Ads Management

Schwarz Kitchens Scope of services  15/10/2021 

Paid Ads Management 

  • Up to £750 per month client spend, including: 
  •  Google ads setup  
  • Account restructure 
  • Conversion tracking implementation via Google Analytics and Tag Manager 
  • Supply a list of recommended changes to website to improve conversion rate 
  • Ongoing management and optimisation of all campaign aspects 
  • Facebook Ads 
  • Generate marketing pixel 
  • Work with we agency to implement event tracking 
  • Build remarketing/ lookalike audiences   
  • Price: The price of the services is £280 per month + VAT (discounted by 50% for 3 months) + 10% of add spend above £750 per month 

 Term: 90-day rolling contract 

£280.00 / month with a 7-day free trial

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