Inova Kitchens

Using your existing site we are amending to: –

  1. Refresh the ‘brand’ pages adding an image gallery with 10-15 images per brand.
  2. Put a brochure download on each brand page.
  3. Add a telephone number, Georeference and contact email address to the above header.
  4. Add a main brochure download page
  5. Add a showroom page with a booking form. (virtualised option during lockdown)
  6. The above will significantly improve conversion rates of site visitors into leads


  1. Social media posting
  2. We will run your Google Ads campaigns to a combined max of £2,500 per month, with an excess spend cost of 10% of the excess. I.e if you spent £3,300 we would charge 10% of £800- £80


Total cost is £300pm +VAT, on a 90-day rolling contract.

£300.00 / month with a 21-day free trial

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