Optimising your home working space

Optimising your home working space | Lead Wolf

As lockdown measures begin to ease, offices across the UK are beginning to reopen their doors. Nevertheless, many employers have recognised the plethora of benefits that accompany home working, including increased productivity, a better work-life balance and cost reductions, and have adopted this style of working for their business.

Working from home is proving to be a success for many. Considered to be the ‘new normal’, advanced technology and HR software allows a direct stream of communication between team members, providing you with the flexibility to work from almost anywhere. However, with this in mind, finding a space that is free of distractions is crucial. If you’re making the change to home working, take a look at our tips for creating the perfect workspace.

Ergonomic = efficient

One of the benefits of working from home is that you can customise your space to make it work for you. The one size fits all approach that offices take can lead to aches and pains and despite sitting in an ergonomic chair, without proper set up, it can be rendered useless.

Considering the length of time sat at your desk, you should take the time to ensure that you are properly supported and comfortable. Your chair, desk height and distance from your monitor should correlate with your own height and one of the easiest ways to guarantee this is by using a made-to-measure retailer.

Measuring your space, you can determine a layout that will allow maximum productivity whilst choosing a design that won’t remind you of your outdated office! Using a service like this means that you can feel comfortable at home, boosting your wellbeing.

Make your environment work for you

Designing your office space allows you to create an environment that makes it easier for you to stay on task. From the size of your desk down to your lighting, each of these elements can be customised to your specifications. Not only will this encourage a consistent flow of work throughout the day, but it will create a space that you’re happy to be in, improving your mood.

When it comes to picking the features that you’d like your home office to have, such as cable tidy solutions and monitor lifts, enlisting in the help of a fitted home office supplier, such as Castle Bedrooms, streamlines the process. Whether you’re considering additional storage or want to hide the less attractive assets of your office, we can help.

Distraction free zone

With the freedom of home working comes the flexibility of selecting your workstation. Although this means that you can switch location between the dining table and your sofa, your productivity will be better when free from distractions such as a television. So, self-discipline is vital if you’re looking to succeed.

Transforming a spare room into an office is worth considering. Entering this space each day will get you in the correct mindset for working whilst also allowing you to shut the door at the end of the day, making unwinding a little easier. When you combine your home working space with where you like to relax, such as a bedroom, it can make it harder to switch off which can have a negative impact on you. Therefore, creating the perfect work environment for you makes it easier to separate work from your home life.





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