supercharged Lead generation for the kbb industry

Our holistic approach combines web design with a deep native digital advertising integration to deliver game changing results for your business

We're KBB digital marketing experts with a proven track record

  • Specialist lead generation for independent retailers
  • Our leads have created more than £100m in KBB retail quotes
  • We’ve the insight of more than 750k Google Ads visitors
  • Websites and advertising campaigns built and optimised expressly to deliver quality KBB leads.

A new pricing model. Rent a custom performance website from £250 p/m*

Our services are designed with independent retailers in mind, so we’ve avoided large upfront costs.  You can now afford enterprise class lead generation that take your business to the next level.

*Only available as part of a lead generation package.

Google Ads campaigns that sizzle

  • We’ve generated over 40,000 KBB leads from Google Ads
  • Over 150 tested campaigns featuring more than 1500 ad groups ready to deploy
  • Google Ads Light Package available as an add on from just £35 per month

About us

Our combined expertise is in KBB retail and digital marketing.  We have run KBB retailers that have grown beyond £5m in annual revenue and are fully qualified digital marketeers with a combined experience of three decades in Google Ads and web design. 

We have led campaigns for KBB companies that have delivered a total of more than £100m of customer quotes.

All that we have learned is now at your disposal.

Lead Wolf offers KBB retailers a unique service, highly developed and optimised KBB website rental fully integrated with off-the-shelf digital campaigns that have been specifically built and continually tested for more than a decade. 

We offer this uniquely combined service from price points designed to appeal to  kitchen retailers with a present turnover from £600k – £5m+.  We have the proven expertise and technology to help you grow your business.

what else can we do for you?

kBB website rental

Best in class KBB websites, designed for serious lead generation from just £265 p/m


Local search engine optimisation for Google My Business, Bing Places and more


We've delivered over 39,000 KBB leads from Google Ads. Scalable campaigns ready to work for you

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